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Natalie Waldron Design offers Interior, architectural Design and related services specialising in the hospitality and leisure industry. Based in Cheshire amd working throughout the UK and Europe.

Formerly working as Head of Design for Living Ventures for 11 years my portfolio history prior to establishing NWD consisted of developing and maintaining each brand within the LV estate.

Producing spectacular interiors across the country and working with inspirational operational teams and designers has given me the ability to understand and develop clients individual brand style and identity.


Using experience to develop and streamline your idea from concept into reality we build spaces that tell a story, which thrive across every channel and customer touchpoint to inspire and engage people. By utilising this approach it ensures we create innovative brands and interiors that are relevant, individual and always memorable.

With a key focus on space planning, whether it be a ground up development, shell, or an existing building we see the value that can be driven out of how a space is formed in relation to the activity and the offering. By constantly challenging how spaces link, how do guest and staff flows work and interact through operationally efficient and economically planning, we ensure to optimise the front and back of house function, all of which are critical to the design process and the foundation to any great design.



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